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The meltON solution is designed to control cable anti-icing systems for roofs, open areas, pipelines and tanks, as well as any other cable systems for electrical heating. In its work, meltON uses a number of unique algorithms, weather service and meltON Sensor Link technology — remote access to weather station sensor data, which allowed creating a flexible and economical new-generation snowmelt system.

The meltON solution includes the following elements:

  • Wi-Fi thermostat-weather station
  • sensors for temperature, precipitation, the presence of melt water on the roof or ground

meltON can work fully automatically on the Internet weather service (without using sensors or use weather service data when disconnecting sensors). meltON has a built-in web interface. This allows you to have remote access to all the functions and settings of the system. It is also possible to connect to the Telegram messenger to manage and alert in real time about various events.



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