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Snow Melting

During the winter cold weather, snow appears on the roofs of buildings, turning into snowdrifts, drainage systems gradually become clogged, as a result, ice accumulates there, which leads to their deformation and failure, the roof itself is damaged, as a result, the building's facade is destroyed. Also, winter companions are icing on open surfaces, ice and icicles on the roofs. As a result of slippery crust under the feet, falling ice and icicles, there is a high probability of personal injury.

Snow melting and anti-icing systems are designed to solve these annual problems. They provide the melting of water, preventing the appearance of icicles, melting snow, preventing the formation of ice on the paths, steps, ramps, access roads, and prevent freezing of liquid in pipelines.

Using the meltON snow melting and anti-icing system you get high-quality equipment and a guarantee that it will serve for a long time and effectively perform its functions.

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