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We offer innovative wireless multi-sensors for transport logistics industry

Our multi-sensors are unique multifunctional devices that solve cargo transportation security tasks and monitor the conditions of the cargo transportation.

Our devices monitor doors state (opening and closing), control two temperature areas at once, and identify the trailer.

Our Hub wireless receivers have various interfaces and protocols to connect any telematics equipment. This allows to use existing telematics equipment and GPS monitoring software.

We are using an anti-jamming radio channel in our solution which ensures secure data transfer when traffic is moving.

CS433 product line consists of CS433-H10 hub and CS433-S10 wireless multi-sensor. CS433-H10 installation takes place in the immediate closeness of GPS tracker. CS433-S10 installs in the van/trailer cargo compartment. One hub CS433-H10 supports connectivity for up to 4 CS433-S10 sensors. The equipment uses the private 433 MHz band.

CSBLU product line consists of CSBLU-H10 hub and CSBLU-S10 wireless multi-sensor. CSBLU-H10 installation takes place in the immediate closeness of GPS tracker. CSBLU-S10 installs in the van/trailer cargo compartment. One hub CSBLU-H10 supports connectivity for up to 4 CSBLU-S10 sensors. The equipment uses Bluetooth LE 4.2 radio protocol.


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