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Cargo Seal

Nowadays cargo transportation control and management are crucial for successful business operation. Binartec has developed an online platform which is a freight management system. Thanks to unique solutions, the system allows to achieve an unprecedented security level and control over compliance with all cargo transportation quality and conditions.

Our technical solution automates the processes between all transportation participants – the sender, carrier and cargo recipient and allows increasing management level, quality and transparency of logistic processes which in it’s turn leads to a reduction in time and transportation costs. is based on various advanced technologies including cloud computing and a range of unique in-house developments, such as Bluetooth multi-sensors, that continuously monitor the transportation conditions.

Benefits and features

The undoubted advantage of this solution in comparison with competitors is the combination of shipment, transportation and cargo acceptance processes within a single product with the real time monitoring system.

Our system not only monitors the doors states (open and closed) but also controls the temperature and humidity inside the container through a two-zone sensor. special feature is the electronic seals system which provides the following unique features:

personalization of cargo sender and recipient

delivery window tracking: when the delivery planned to be performed; when it actually occurred; how long took the unloading etc.

logging of door state: recording information about who, when and for how long opened a container

ability to email significant information to all responsible agents

tracking temperature changes: allows evaluating critical temperature deviations during transportation upon cargo acceptance

These advantages allow the cargo recipient to make an informed decision to reclaim goods at the time of delivery, thus significantly reducing losses from write-off of substandard goods. This solution has a multi-level structure, allowing to easily control all processes:

Sensor level:

Bluetooth multi sensors that continuously track the transportation conditions

Operational level:

mobile applications for drivers, employees of cargo senders and recipients

Analytical level:

web applications and mobile applications for dispatchers and logistics management with the ability to analyze data for any time period with the subsequent prediction of necessary measures to reduce costs allows to use installed telematic equipment and GPS monitoring software, as well as the ability to integrate with any ERP system


Binartec provides customer support and solution can be easily adjusted to meet specific customer needs, as well as implement new functionality for extended data analysis when requested. We will be happy to present the solution in more details and provide equipment for testing purposes.

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